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    Gloomy Faces

    One can't judge their pain by just looking at them. Their caps tell the story; my father committed suicide, you don't make such a grave mistake, god bless farmers are few things I could get translated from Marathi with the help of their teacher. I me.  Read More...

  • Jalimunnisha, a resident of Khotahi village of Kushinagar district in U.P., India, lost two of her sons overnight. Encephalitilis had taken a toll in village she lived and more than a dozen families are agrieved as her. It's not easy for them to overcome this shock.


    Jalimunnisha lives in Khotahi village of Kushinagar. When I'd visited her, she had recently lost two of her sons overnight. Encephalitis outbreak in her village had left many families shocked and it was not easy for them to overcome. The silence in v.  Read More...

  • Aligarh Numaish

    Bollywood Fan

    I was looking at props in a makeshift studio in Aligarh Numaish (fair) and spotted this boy. Chotu, as he introduced himself, was willing to get photographed with Bollywood actresses. I spotted cutouts of Rani Mukherjee and Pretty Zinta standing in a.  Read More...


I am a wanderer and love to document stories of our time and narrate them visually. This is why people and streets are my favorite subjects as a photographer. I strive to narrate the tales of the people with latent faces, who exist around us and always work to make a difference in our world but most often go unnoticed – be a labour or farmer, prostitute or pilgrim, cobbler or a butcher. I believe that reality is more important rather than making my pictures aesthetically perfect.

It was during my college days when a street vendor printing images on ordinary paper with the help a blue solution made me curious. After few months, I found myself standing beside the developing tray in the darkroom at a friend’s place whose father was a photographer. Looking at gradually developing latent images was a mysterious and fascinating phenomenon, as the evolution of life, that charmed me forever. That was my first encounter with the magic of photography Camera became a medium of expression of my feelings and when in hand it always makes me feel stronger.

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