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  • Wheel Story

    Persian Wheel

    Persian Wheel use to be a major irrigation system in ancient rural India, at least it was in my childhood days. Wheels gradually became obsolete by the advent of tube wells and bulls being burden. The sound of wheel's and bucket's movement slipped s.  Read More...

  • Tharu-Story

    12 Headed Demon

    Tharu is a tribe community who live in forests of foothills of Himalayas in India & Nepal. Their gradual contact with the world outside introduced many religious beliefs and customs which reflect in their daily life as well as on special occasion.  Read More...

  • Kumbh Story

    Facing the Camera

    While roaming in Kumbh Mela, I spotted a man with tresses and displaying it for somebody. Moments earlier I'd observed an angry 'sacred man' running after a lady to hit her with his tong. She had asked for his blessings a second time and this made hi.  Read More...


Prabhat is a photographer and journalist and a wanderer’s soul. His passion is to narrate the tales of the people with latent faces, who exist around us and always work to make a difference in this world but most often go unnoticed – be a labour or farmer, prostitute or pilgrim, cobbler or a butcher. He organizes workshops to train photojournalists and aspiring photographers and teach mass communication.

Prabhat is a thoughtful cameraman. What I mean is that he reflects on the human scene with much compassion. His shots on the Gujjars, the Tharu’s of Nepal, as well as Kumbh, speak for his sharp eye. His photography does not merely dole out information. No, it is that, but more. The point of it all is not to stimulate our idle curiosity, but to humanize the desensitized city slickers. The photos –taken with artistic expertise, help us relate emotionally with the ignored and disowned of the earth. Here, therefore, is a kindly eye. Only eyes such as that really see. Others are, humanly speaking, blind.

(Noted Art Critic Keshav Malik observed in his commentary ‘A Mark on the Scene’ for the catalogue of Mute Dialogues.)

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